Twisted Ignorance

Title: Twisted Ignorance
Series: Threatening Souls #3
Published by: Invictus, an imprint of The Polyethnic Publishing
Release Date: October 31st, 2017
Contributors: Nicole Lambert
Genre: , , , , ,
Pages: 490

Hatred and ignorance contribute to insanity. The aftermath of the Massacre at the ICW facility had left each opposing side in shambles. The rebels had successfully fled, thus dividing the immortals into two separate sides: those that remained loyal to Henri Anderson, and those who crowned Melissa Young as their new ruler. After having successfully survived the Massacre, Rebekah Jensen finds herself having constant nightmares about Melissa Young, much like she used to have with Roseway. Even though Mandy continues to reassure her that such nightmares mean nothing, she can’t help thinking that a greater threat is upon them. Shortly after the two witches return from Ivanestible, Holly is kidnapped by the rebels and given over to Cody Robinson, Andre’s abusive father, with the hope that Andre will be lured to Barcelona, where her father will finally kill her. When Rebekah and Mandy decide to join Andre on such a journey, Rebekah begins to fear that her nightmares are justified—and that the threat of the rebels is greater than the growing threat of Henri Anderson.

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