The Venomous Kiss

Title: The Venomous Kiss
Series: The Venomous Saga #1
Published by: Invictus, an imprint of The Polyethnic Publishing
Release Date: May 17th, 2018
Contributors: Melissa M. Futrell
Genre: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Pages: 425

It all started with the Red Poison when twins Nicholas and Serpina Snake had stolen it from the lab and causing Nicholas to lose his life. It started with a kiss that Serpina had took to seek revenge for her brother’s death. It started on December 3, 2006 at Desert Immortals Academy when the school proposed that a monster was on the loose.


When fourteen year old Varsity player, May Belle Tuck is stalked home by a mysterious stranger, her life changes forever. She finds that her mother so happens to be Mother Nature, and her lieutenant father, a general from King Arthur’s court. May Belle is then forced to attend Desert Immortals Academy, with her two brothers to find out who they really are and what powers are gifted to them. But tragic strikes. A little boy has been found dead in the school hallway with a kiss on his cheek, and it is only up to May Belle who can stop the monster. But can a normal teenage girl defeat The Venomous Monster before it is too late?


The young boy was an immortal and had the power. He had the power to control the weather that within a blink of an eye, he could create a terrifying hurricane from the Gulf of Mexico and deliver it to the state of Florida—creating a massive crisis.

Dante Flores had it. He had the power I needed to regain my strength. With this hunger building up inside of me, I needed it now more than ever.

It was time for me to steal it. Kill him. Kiss those rosy cheeks and release a venomous sting causing him to suffocate and die. His lifeless body would be eaten by those hungry demons that live in the Lands of Daxcana, a hidden forest where no mortal has ever been to—or should I say, never got out to tell the story…

A gulp went down his tiny throat. His pink lips were chapped and mouthing out words that were too impossible to understand.

Then, within minutes, I heard him cry, "P-p-please, don't—hurt—me."

"Shh," I hissed as a smirk swiped my lips. "Don't be afraid. You'll only feel a pinch."

Chapter One: SERPINA

With the wind striking upon the Charmed Forest trees, the coyotes across the street continued to howl to the bright full moon. They were howling so loud, I swear it could be heard for miles away from the city of Skandeva. They captured a prey tonight that they could wolf down on. Their prey was an acquitted jackrabbit—that just about six minutes ago was hopping all over the neighborhood. I could hear him cry; crying for his brothers to help, but they were nowhere in sight.

I licked my lips. I wanted to be a coyote at the moment. A snake's favorite meal was indeed a jackrabbit. I could almost taste its blood and hear the tearing of his furry body as the coyotes shredded him viciously. It made my mouth water.

Here at Desert Immortals Academy, almost everyone in the whole school was asleep, except for the guards who were awake and doing their duty to protect the academy and everyone inside. In fact, they never had gotten tired of standing for they had taken the Spell of Awakening called, "Titatmo Eles Sphinx Claer." This type of spell was created by the great and most powerful sorcerer in all of Immortal time—the son of Merlin, Philippe Dragon, the owner of Desert Immortals.

While everyone slept like Yogi the Bear, my twin brother, Prince Nicholas and I, Princess Serpina, were not. Both of us were fully dressed in black clothing, as for Nicholas himself told me that I needed to wear. He got it from Nana, our diamondback snake nanny, whom I adored so much. She made it for us as a gift requested by our father, King Stefan of the Snake Lands. Nana had taken care of us ever since we were little babies. And to be honest, I loved her more than my mother, Queen Angel. All mother ever did was daydream about King Arthur—her former fiancé every day. I would find her in bed weeping her eyes out when father was off to a “business” trip in Europe. On the other hand, Nana was there for me when I took my first steps at four months and spoke my first word: “venom” at six months. Impressive, right?

The present was a lovely outfit imprinted with a silver drawing of our anaconda pet, Cecile. The only problem: it itch my whole body as I sneaked into Professor Anderson's Lab with my brother. The outfit was so tight on me that I could barely even breathe! It felt like the after effects of touching a poison ivy; kind of like a thousand knives were digging into my skin—no! More like tiny red ants biting all over me.

It killed me, and all my twin brother could do was stare; wondering what the heck I was doing to myself. I shot him the “What-Are-You-Staring-At?” look. In return, he just shrugged his shoulders and glanced away.

          Within a blink of a second, Nicholas motioned towards Counter C and rummaged through every cabinet. He pulled out boxes to boxes—dozens of them.

For a moment, I wondered why we were here in the first place. There was nothing amusing in this science room. There was just a bunch of fake skeletal bodies of humans and portraits of some stupid scientists that had so many wrinkles on their forehead and had hair that were all puffy and messed up. Man, they need a comb to brush those knots out. I mean, have they ever seen themselves in the mirror by any chance?

One by one, Nicholas threw them on the floor, as if he didn’t find his treasure. However, about three minutes had passed, his eyes focused on an object—the size of a moving box that had red markings all over that said:

Private stock. Please do not open.

He ignored the sign and opened it like a Christmas present. He lifted up a glass container—wrapped around with gray heavy chains that could only be used for displaying an autograph basketball inside.

I hesitated watching him as he broke the chains with a spell called, "Veve Frentius." A flash of fire came out melting the chains like the great wildfires of De LaMonia.

My eyes widened to the size of golf balls. "Whoa." Honestly, I didn't even know why we came here in the first place. It happened way too fast when my brother told me that we were going to do something "illegal" to the school's law, and that I must follow his orders without any complaint. Ugh, PUH-lease! If I had a golf club with me right now, I would’ve banged it onto his head.

His body turned to face me, handing a bottle of poison, and he whispered softly, "Serpina, hold this."

I stared down at his hands. I caught a sight of an ugly potion with an engraved picture of a black dragon on both of its sides.

What the heck is this? It reminded me of that hideous green ogre I watched on the IMRTLKidz channel with my friends a few days ago. Let me guess, it was Quivba?

For minutes, I gazed at the poison with a mien of disgust and simply shook my head. The gruesome black dragon eyed me back like the famous Mona Lisa painting, hanging gloriously on Madam Saki's Social Studies wall. Those eyeballs will follow you around like a hawk! Staring at this, gave me the heebie-jeebies.

"Oh no,” I said backing away. “I'm not touching it!”

“What are you scared about? It's not like it's gonna bite you.”

“Nicholas, you dragged me all the way here clueless of what is going on and now you want me to hold this disgusting-looking thing?”

“I am the oldest!” he replied. “When I tell you to do something, you do it, understood? You don't want mother and father to be looking down on you, do you?"

I rolled my green eyes at him and quickly snatched the poison, then slightly inserted it into my pocket. "Why do I have to listen to you?"

Even though he was the oldest, Nicholas was well known as the bossiest person known to man. He reminded me of our twenty-six year old mother's older brother, Uncle Smith. The weird thing was; they both look exactly alike! Same color of eyes: dark forest green. The style of hair: spiky. The perfect tan skin. Same personalities: bossy and a snob. Thinks he was a “know-it-all.” The creepiest of all: the same black birthmark—that of a black venomous snake located at the back of their necks. Plus, the same location! Uncle Smith could be Nicholas's identical twin, but thirty years older.

Nicholas stared directly at my eyes and sighed, "You ready?"

I nodded with a smile of excitement. I could imagine my eyes lighting up like fireworks of the Fourth of July. I wanted to get out of this place so bad. "Of course, I am!"

"Shh!" he whispered.

"Whoops, sorry." I glanced down staring at the marble-tiled floor and then gawked back up. "Nicholas, can I ask you a question?"

"What is it?" he asked with a sly look on his face.

          I felt my body stiffen a little. I could sense that he didn't look patient at all. To me, Nicholas looked like a woman waiting in line for hours to get the IMRTLTablet.


"I-uh what?" he asked. "What is it? Spit it out!"

          I took out the potion from my pocket and showed it to him. "I don't know why you need this for."

"You don't know, huh?"

I shook my head confused. "I'm sorry, but I don't know anything else but to follow your orders.”

He rolled his eyes and smirked, "Father never told you?"

I shook my head once more. "No, he did not." I slowly looked down at the floor. "He never told me anything. Only you, since you are the eldest of his eight. The one that will be the next heir after him." I stared through my brother's eyes. "Face it; he loves you more than me. He cares about you even more and you know it."

"True," he confessed.


“But that doesn’t prove anything.”

“It does to me!” I pointed out. “You do know that you both treat me like a rag doll that you can carry around all day!”

No response.

I waited guessing it was a pause for him to think. But then again, he had nothing to say.

We both stood there in silence not knowing what to do next.

"So, tell me Nicholas," I began, changing the subject, realizing that this “awkward silence” was getting on my nerves, "what are you really going to do with this?"

"A potion that I am making," he finally said.

"A potion? Sounds interesting. Tell me more."

"The potion you are holding in your hand is the key to conquer the whole world."

My eyes widened. "That silly thing?" I wanted to burst out laughing, although I remembered my princess manners. Mother would have killed me if I did that.

He nodded. "Yes, that 'silly thing' is the red poison."

“‘Red poison’?” The word itself sounded dangerous—perhaps even deadly. “Can that kill someone?"

Nicholas chuckled. "Only if you have the wrong one! However, this is the real one. I can sense it within my nose. My senses never failed me." He smiled. "Listen, sis. I have been eying this for months now. This is not a replica. This is real."

"Okay?" I raised my left black eyebrow. "Well, if this was the 'illegal' thing you have been waiting for a long time, how come you never told me about this? You could have told me earlier. You do realize that you have gotten me worked up about it this whole time."

"Worked up for what?"

"Never mind, forget that I ever said that."

He shrugged. "Come on, let's head back."

I nodded.

As both of us siblings were to exit the lab, we suddenly heard a sound of a “thump” coming towards the room.

"Hide!" Nicholas whispered. He quietly crawled down on the floor like a toddler, and headed towards a nearby table where all the huge neon posters leaned against. Once he got there, he turned to see where I was at. He witnessed me still motioning my way towards him. "Hurry!"

I crawled faster and faster, until finally I reached the destination. I hid in his little area just inches away from him. My knees began to ache. I could picture them pink as a pink rose.

I took a quick breath and whispered, “Nicholas, who are we hiding from? Who is it?”

“Shut up, will you?” he snapped.

“Sorry,” I mumbled.

The thump became louder and louder. The person was near. He was in this room alright. I could feel the tiny hairs on my arms sticking up.

I stretched my head outside to take a little sneak peek to see who it was. My eyes widened and my jaw slightly dropped.


Delashia's the cruelest guard in the planet. Weighing around 375 pounds of pure muscle—no fat, he stands at about nine feet tall—reminding me of Goliath. His gray-colored eyes were cold as night. Delashia was a thirty-three year old man. He worked at the academy for nearly a decade now. And get this: he didn't like his job at all. He hated watching bratty immortals children yell and scream at each other. All he ever wanted was peace and quiet. But, he couldn't get that. Only around night time if some of the kids weren't hosting any slumber parties or anything that has to deal with noises, he'll go to his “private” get-a-way (A.K.A. the school's garden) and read some classic works by Charles Dickens and Jane Austen, sometimes even romantic plays like William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. How did I know? Because I caught him a few times with my Telescope 3000. I had to admit, it was kind of funny just watching him sobbing as parts of the book comes in—the really sad and depressing scenes. Literally, was it possible for a tough guy to get emotional? It's so true!

All the other guards feared him. Who could not? His loud voice ruined someone's eardrums last week. And who's eardrums? A giant around a hundred feet tall, of course!

He looked around the room, waving out a flashlight from his iron-made armor. "Who goes in here? I know someone is here. Dun dare hide fum me, ye lit’l chil’en! I can smell ye fum here." He clinched his teeth together and listened to hear sounds. We didn't make any—just sat still as a statue. I heard him grunt. "Let's make a deal, shall we? If ye come an' reveal yerselves right now, I promise to not take ye to Professor Dragon." An evil grin swiped across his dark, hairy face. "Come out, come out."

Tat-tat-tat-tat, the beating of my heart sounded, as the beam of light flashed near me. I scooted closer to my brother. I was panicking. Panicking so hard, I felt like I was going to blow off any minute from now. Within seconds, my mind went to a blur. I began to think of what will happen if Delashia would find us...

My mind went to an imagination where Nicholas and I were sitting in front of Professor Dragon. Lights revolved around his cupped hands. Blue light particles began to shoot up in midair, as he pushed the force against both my brother and I. A gush of wind came out of nowhere, releasing a shining force, brighter than the sun. My body went to a spin, as my powers and my immortality had soon vanished. With that, my mind brought me back to the scene, as Delashia went out of the room making a "hmph!"

For what my brother and I had caused, I hoped that my little images that I witnessed in my head would never come true. Because if it did, my father would blame it to me, as usual, causing a disgrace to the whole family. Even though it was Nicholas who stole it, it was me the one to blame.

I knew for a fact that my father only sees his eldest son, Nicholas, to be his shooting star across the midnight sky. The star that shines brighter than the others. He doesn't care about his other children: Penelope, Eleanor, Roger, Florentina, Emerald, Bincks, and including me. The truth was: Nicholas is his favorite. His prize possession. His past relationships gave him all girls, which he vanished from the whole kingdom. That's why he loves him more than what anyone could have ever imagined.

Tears cascaded down my eyes. I quickly wiped them off so Nicholas wouldn't see. If he did, he would have called me a "Jhacapoi,” meaning “a snake girl who is feared for her life.”

I had to admit that hiding in this little area wasn't the best for me at all. There was no space for me to breathe enough air; not even an inch! This boy took the entire space for himself! What a gentleman…

I turned to him. His head was down, shoulders hunched, and his eyes closed. He looked—frustrated.

          He glanced up at me and asked, "Is he gone?"

I nodded.

"Okay,” he sighed deeply. “On the count of three, we go."

I nodded once more in agreement.


Both of us twins crawled out of our hiding place and ran out of the room, without having a second thought that Delashia was hiding behind the walls, waiting for the both of us to come out from their hiding place.

He jumped out of his hiding place and snatched Nicholas by the shoulder and yelled out with a snicker, "I got ye now, Prince of Snakes!"

Nicholas jumped all startled, and so did I.

"Good luck gettin’ yer powers tak’n away!"

"Get your filthy hands off of me, you ugly peasant!" Nicholas argued, trying to shake Delashia's heavy hand off of him, but he was way too strong. He turned to me, whom I myself, so happened to be just standing there, watching the whole scenario with a blink expression marked all over my face. He then began to mouth out words that I couldn’t connect.

I just stood there, frozen as stone. What was wrong with me? What was he saying? Why couldn't I hear him?

I watched my brother being pulled away far from me. As I continued to witness them disappear from the long dark hallway, a spark snapped out of me, and within a blink of an eye, I went after my brother.

When I was just inches away, Nicholas held out his left free hand, and I started to pull with all my might. Hard as I could. But the odds stack up against me. There wasn't anything I could do. I'm against a guy who's like five times my size. I mean, cut me some slack here. It's like it's just me against a class of nineteen fourth graders in an unmatched game of tug-o-war.

Delashia turned. He saw me and chuckled. "What do I see here? A little ten year old girl helping her brother out? You think this will help him?"

He pulled Nicholas back to him, and started yanking his shoulder even harder.

Nicholas's hand slipped away from my cold fingers right before he could say another, “help me.”

I clenched my fists. Anger flooded my whole body. I raised my hands up in the air. My eyes turned from green to white. "Rocks of Earth, Cement of Ground, turn Delashia to stone for all eternity! Ee rominova des elavaka ei muvisi zqregua!"

A flash of wicked electricity shot out from my hands and headed towards Delashia. I closed my eyes and bit the bottom of my lip, hoping it will work. And when I did, all I could hear were screams. Screams that didn't belong to my brother, but from a man.

After the screaming was over, and the sound slowly faded away, I slowly opened my eyes. Right at that moment, I couldn't believe what I just did.

Delashia wasn't the same old Delashia anymore. His once dark skin had turned solid gray. His braided dark hair that reached his shoulders turned to stone, and his cold gray eyes were shut tightly and his mouth was wide open. He never made a move again.

I couldn't believe my own eyes. The spell had worked! I ran to my brother as fast as my little feet could take me and I started to yank him off from Delashia's stone hand.

Right after, we rushed off to my room; taking the elevators rather than the stairs and escalators. Passing by guards who were too busy standing still against the wall. And within moments, we arrived at the ninth level tired and breathless.

Nicholas dropped himself on the black sofa and breathed hard to catch his breath. Once he did, he glimpsed at me, whom I myself was seated to his right. "Give—me—the poison, Serpina."

I nodded and dug my hand onto my pocket where I had placed the poison earlier. Nothing. I dug deeper. Still nothing. "Uh-oh."

"What 'uh-oh'?"

"I think I lost it." I could imagine my face red. I was guilty, all right.

He stood up from his seat. He was mad now. "What?!"

"I'm sorry, Nicholas. I did not mean to—"

"Did you even check? Like everywhere on your body?"

I checked my clothes, pockets, hair, pants and found nothing. He's going to kill me. I glanced up to face his eyes. Yep, I was right. He was angry.

“Just give me a second more,” I pleaded. “Don't get so feisty on me.”

“You better have it with you!”

Geez, Serpina, I thought. What did you do? Why do you have to this now? You know how much trouble you're gonna get when father hears—

My eyes then swept to my feet. Shoes! I didn't check em' yet!

I took off my black DC's. Each one, I checked the insides. The first one wasn't lucky. But the last was it! How in the world did it get there?

I handed it to my brother and he sighed in relief.

"Thank the Darkness, Serpina. You are one lucky witch, you know that?”



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