The Troublemaker’s Good Boy

Title: The Troublemaker's Good Boy
Series: The Good & The Bad Series #2
Published by: Futrella, an imprint of The Polyethnic Publishing
Release Date: Winter 2020
Contributors: Sarah M.
Genre: , , , , ,
Beverly Williams, the infamous troublemaker that is known for her reckless actions and doings. Having to face the struggles of being told what to do and being judged for the things she does from left to right, she pretty much has all the right reasons to act the way she is. Inconsiderate and strong guarded.
But what happens when Landon King enters her life? Being the complete opposite of who and
what she is as for being a goody two shoes with a stable attitude and status, it was immediately a battle between hatred and fondness between the two.
But when Landon starts to break down the walls Beverly had tried so hard to build throughout around herself ever since the time she's been genuinely broken inside, and had begun to discover that the troublemaker many have said was just a wild little teenager, had her own reasons as to being bad. 
And Landon was determined to dig deeper within her troublesome heart.

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