The Arms of Love

Title: The Arms of Love
Published by: Io, an imprint of The Polyethnic Publishing
Release Date: May 1st, 2018
Contributors: Eimear Denning
Genre: , , , , ,
Pages: 306
 The rebellion began in October, then ended in November.
  She nearly didn't survive. 
  He was the one who saved her, even though he should not have.
  He should have killed her. But he did not. And that is how they got to today.

  This is the story of Yana and Dmitri.
  She was a freedom fighter.
  He was a Selenov soldier.
  Their chance meeting started with blood and ended in love.
  This is their story.
 The beginning and the end.	
  Under the oppressive and bloody regime of the Selenov Union, a band of deadly and dedicated young people are tasked with leading the rebellion.
  Trained by previous Freedom Fighters they are committed in their plans to drive the Selenov occupation out of their homeland.
  Death is the best they've got.
  She's skillful, deadly and feared by all even her comrades.
  But everything she thought was right is turned upside with the introduction of Dmitri.
  He's the best the Selenov's got.
  He's meticulous, dark and a General's son.
  His role as leader of an Elite Branch of the Selenov Army is under scrutiny after a series of encounters with Death.
  Ultimately they're forced to fight their demons, their pasts and their feelings for each other while balancing the outcome of the revolution on their shoulders.


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