Ryan and Julie (A Complicated Teenage Love Story, #1)

Title: Ryan and Julie
Series: A Complicated Teenage Love Story #1
Published by: Kiss & Tell, an imprint of The Polyethnic Publishing
Release Date: February 14th, 2018
Contributors: Melissa M. Futrell
Genre: , , , , ,
Pages: 500
ISBN13: 9781946105097

Voted as #1 Romeo and Juliet Retelling on Goodreads' Reading List!

After suffering from the sudden loss of her childhood crush, a disastrous plague hits the life of fourteen year old Julie Campbelle. First, her parents get divorced and now several years later, her grandfather is hit with a stroke and she is now forced to live with her estranged father in Las Vegas, Nevada when her mother is off to a mission in Asia for the rest of the year. Despite not seeing her father for several years, Julie is forced to build a bond with her stepmother and her wannabe cheerleader daughters. When Julie steps foot into Coronado High School, she suddenly falls head over heels for Ryan Moore, the captain of the Boys’ Varsity Basketball team.

Meet Ryan Moore. He’s fifteen years old and is the heir of Verona Resort and Casinos. With colleges already eyeing him as the next Kobe Bryant, he falls hard for the new girl in town. However, when the two find out about their past and present of their family’s history, Ryan and Julie must keep their relationship a secret. But as the scandal unfolds and the custody battles swooshes in, Julie is forced to move back to Scottsdale, Arizona and it is now up for the young couple to fight for their long distant relationship.

In a modern day version of Shakespeare’s beloved classic, Romeo and Juliet, Melissa M. Futrell brings you a story about two young lovers separated by a rivalry so sick, you’d be at the edge of your seats. With a sprinkle of magic and several twists, the question brings us to: will you ever give up on the ones you love?

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I couldn’t just walk away. Not without a final kiss. Not without a final goodbye. Not like this.

            I stared across the street from my house and watched as the love of my life got into the backseat of the car, dragged by two of her older brothers.

            I glanced back at our two story house from my mother’s front passenger’s window as my two twin brothers closed the heavy door. Beady tears cascaded down from my eyes. I didn’t like the fact that we were leaving.

            “It is for the best,” my mother said as we drove out of the cold lot, following my father and my brothers driving away in his black Cadillac.

            “I know,” I whispered as I wiped the tears from my eyes. But deep down, I disagreed. I knew in my heart that I couldn’t just walk away from the one thing I called, “mine”. I just knew it. I folded my arms, shivering to death, and sank down the passenger’s seat. I continued to cry to myself in silence with my head laying against the window.

            I watched them drive away until they disappeared down the street. How could I be so stupid? How could I just be standing here and letting her go?

            They say Las Vegas wasn’t the place to raise children with all those drunken surfers and the reckless drivers. I agreed with it but after finding out that there was no way to see him again, all I could do was cry.

            But there was nothing I could do now. I’m heading back to the life I wished to never see again, facing friends who betrayed me and bullied me all over social media. And now I am left wondering, will I ever see my Romeo again?

            My name is Julie Campbelle. I am fourteen years old.

My name is Ryan Moore and I am fifteen years old.


And this is the story of our lives. 


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