Letters from Sam to Kylie

Title: Letters from Sam to Kylie
Published by: Futrella, an imprint of The Polyethnic Publishing
Release Date: May 31st, 2017
Contributors: Lyss Venice
Genre: , , , ,
Pages: 246
ISBN13: 978-1946105141
ASIN: B071WK941L

Sam Kallis wants Kylie Darthrow to forgive him. The problem? She wants absolutely nothing to do with him. However, when Sam finds himself in a comatose state, Kylie receives a bottle of twenty-two letters, and she know that this might be the last thing he will ever give her. As she reminisces the past, a new perspective of Sam will arise and a basket of regrets and failed promises will soon be brought to light. After everything that has happened, will Kylie be able to forgive him? And if she does, will Sam ever wake up to hear it? Because a friendship mixed with feelings and betrayal could only last so long before someone throws it away.


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