Kinda, Sort Of

Title: Kinda, Sort Of
Published by: Futrella, an imprint of The Polyethnic Publishing
Release Date: February 14th, 2017
Contributors: Kate Luke and Rachel Rozet
Genre: , ,
Pages: 238
ISBN13: 9781946105066

Camryn Moore & Jason Porter. Their names are always kinda said together, in a pair, just like that. After all, they are sort of a pair; always together. But, not together together. They’re best friends, and have been since they were 5 years old. However, in their junior year at Richmond High, these two are always being told to become a couple, or that they are a couple really. Everyone thinks and says so- even the teachers. Kinda sick and tired of the teasing, Camryn and Jason sort of come up with a plan. But, will their plan benefit them in the way they think it will? Or could it leave them both in an emotional mess, with only b r o k e n pieces of a friendship? Together, they find out the hardships of being friends, the kinks in their relationship, and something not noticed before, that could make it all worthwhile…

Well… kinda, sort of.

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