Internet Crush

Title: Internet Crush
Series: A Complicated Teenage Love Story #3
Published by: Kiss & Tell, an imprint of The Polyethnic Publishing
Release Date: February 14th, 2018
Contributors: Melissa M. Futrell
Genre: , , ,
Pages: 316

Winner of the 2014 Advanced Creative Writing Award for Best Prompt and Short Story! Now adapted into a novel under the same name!

Have you ever thought of finding love on an app? Kat hasn't. She thinks the idea is so stupid. As a matter of fact, the idea was so overused, she thinks even the dating communities are lame. But that was until she stumbles across another writer on an online writing app who she finds could be her match. Shy but a bit daring, Kat takes the risk of writing poems and posts them on Instagram - a way for her feelings to get out and to be seen. But will this little trick get the attention of her internet crush or will he just see her as no other than a fan?

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