Deadly Silent

Title: Deadly Silent
Series: Kisses From Death #2
Published by: Futrella, an imprint of The Polyethnic Publishing
Release Date: October 14th, 2018
Contributors: Aurora Yeo
Genre: , , , , , , ,
Pages: 300
"Anniversaries to some are like counting the years spent doing something great, years spent together, or years spent alive." I started slowly, voice dropping to a drawl as I peeked cautiously out of my bedroom blinds, scanning the road to see if there was a cloaked figure watching my every movement. "I view anniversaries as counting down the days till death finds me."
  After the events of her wonderfully packed 21st birthday, Addison was ready to retire back into her home and never again see the light of day. 
  It wasn't a totally bad idea. After all, her family's generations-old riches was enough to tide her over until the day her past finally catches on, and until that day finally arrives, she had no intention to step out of her front door. 
  And to think the last time she did, she ended up in the game of cat and mouse with a cynical hooded spirit that wanted her dead and her soul in a glass bottle for his own little sadistic collection. 
  Silence had followed the whole year after the disastrous party. For nearly 365 days, Addison had no trouble with unwanted evil celestial beings lurking around her house in an attempt to take her soul away with a world-stopping kiss. However, the silence was too often, and the world had become too quiet. 
  Reason being?
  Apparently, Death's new move was to kidnap her best friend Minnie Hoover in an attempt to bait her down to hell itself. Life became much quieter without one-third of her little clique. And so Addison ventured away from the safety of her home, in search of her best friend. 
  After all, silence creeps the heart just as death does, and the world was now deadly silent.

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