A Soldier’s Crest: The Dragon Chronicles

Title: A Soldier's Crest: The Dragon Chronicles
Published by: Invictus, an imprint of The Polyethnic Publishing
Release Date: July 18th, 2017
Contributors: Joseph Angotti
Genre: , , , , , ,
Pages: 136
ISBN13: 978-1946105189

After the world altering event known as the Strages, only a single continent called Khroma remains. Griffen is a human on this continent who just slayed a dragon that was terrorizing the city of Davish. He thought bringing proof would be enough to sway the King of the Bawal Empire to give him an army to defeat the dragons, but King Rebel wasn’t so easily impressed. Instead he gives Griffen the means in which to form his own group of Dragon Knights to defeat the beasts inhabiting Khroma. Aerok Doomcaller is a Dragonkin who doesn’t quite understand why his race chooses to live peacefully with the humans instead of trying to rule them. They are much larger, much stronger, can fly and breath fire - all things that the humans can’t possibly compete with. Against the orders of his clan leader, Brakus Thunderbone, and the leader of all dragons, Skye Highborn, Aerok puts plans in motion that could ignite a war between the two races. In this short story prequel to A Soldier’s Crest by Joseph Angotti, learn how the Dragon Knights of Bawal were formed and came to be and what Griffen and Aerok did to spark a war that threatens the existence of all the creatures that call Khroma home.


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