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Michelle Pak


Action, Adventure, and a dabble of Romance. Always fantasy-based, usually with a superhero or two sprinkled in.


I’ve always been a comic book nerd, but it was the 1966 Batman series that got my juices flowing for Damsel[ed]. Otherwise, I’d have to say Patterson, Dashner, and Cabot are major influences on my writing style. They got me through the terrors of middle school, and I cuddle up to their books whenever I get the chance.


Michelle Pak is a high school sophomore who loves low-budget Kung Fu flicks, geek culture, superheroes, and everything else bright, violent, cheesy fun. The wonderful, high-energy atmosphere of the nineteen-sixties Batman series and the big personalities of its characters captivated her from a young age, and she dreamt of creating something new with the same energy and heart. Years later, with the last of her dwindling sanity and the support of her friends, family, and Wattpad readers, she has fulfilled that dream with her debut novel ‘Damsel[ed]: No Rescue Required.’ She hopes to build a career of making readers laugh, cry, and feel the feels. She also vows to never write about herself in the third person again.

My Works

Damsel[ed]: No Rescue Required

Damsel[ed]: Some Rescue Required (Drafting on Wattpad)

Stolen Souls (On Wattpad)

Social Media

Instagram: @pakparadox

Wattpad: @HeroBreaker

Commaful: @HeroBreaker

Twitter: @Herobreaker

Facebook: Michelle Pak


Midlothian, Virginia, safely beyond the fourth wall.




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