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Melissa M. Futrell


Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Humor, and ChickLit


Nicholas Sparks, John Green, Rainbow Rowell, Rick Riordan, JK Rowling, C.S. Lewis, and JRR Tolkien


Melissa Futrell is the BACK-TO-BACK 2015 and 2016 Heartist of the Year at WeHeartIt – a photography app with more than 20 million monthly users and counting. Born in the Golden State of California and raised in Arizona, Melissa M. Futrell started to draw at two, independently read at three and write at four. It was not until she was ten years old when she finished her first web series script and uploaded it on and reached over 10,000 views in two hours. With the newfound success and positive reviews, she turned to writing full length novels. After several drafts, the thirteen year old finished her first Fantasy novel and had it published at almost fourteen years old. She later won Most Likely to Become an Author Award and represented her eighth grade graduating class with the Lance Armstrong Award for Hard Work and Perseverance. Since then, she published a children’s picture book, originally a project for her ninth grade Japanese class in 2012. In that same year, the young teen turned to the world of book blogging to share her critiques on the latest books she had read. Fast forward to four years later, the National Technical Honors Society alumni and college business student founded a Young Adult publishing company called, “The Polyethnic Publishing” that mainly publishes talented teen authors from across the world and has since produced #1 bestsellers. Her current novel, Ryan and Julie, reached #1 in seven categories on Wattpad and has since been nominated in ten different reading lists by Goodreads users for “Best Books by Young Authors”, “Books You Need Tissues to Read”, “Best Teen Books About Real Problems”, “Best Love Stories” and much more. With a whopping 2 million reads and counting, the modern retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet that is based on true events and covers: war, cyber-bullying, first loves, and long distance relationships is set to be released on November 17th, 2017 by Kiss & Tell, an imprint of The Polyethnic.

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Melissa M. Futrell’s books on Goodreads

A Complicated Teenage Love Story

Ryan and Julie
The Boy with the Scorpio Sign
Mad Love
Internet Crush

The Peter Pan Files
Ester and the Lost Boys

World War
Whiskey Lullaby

Witches of West End
The Witch of West End


United States of America



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