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KC began her writing journey as a small child when she would tell ghost stories to her older sister around the campfire.  Her sister enjoyed them so much that KC started sharing them with friends and her 4th grade teacher. This teacher encouraged KC to write her stories down and to pursue a career where she could share those stories with others. Eventually, the stories branched out into different genres and KC found that the Young Adult genre was the one she wanted to write about the most. At 16, Cupid’s Myth was born and went from a short story homework assignment to a book trilogy 17 yrs later.

KC has a Bachelors degree in Communications and has worked as a teacher and an American Sign Language Interpreter in an educational setting.

She suffers from Sjogrens Syndrome among other autoimmune diseases and spends much of her time working as an ambassador for the organization to raise awareness.

Her favorite movie is The Princess Bride as is evident by her cat’s name. She can quote the entire movie from beginning to end and annoy her husband all at the same time.

KC is married and has 2 service dogs- Paris and Kobayashi. And 4 cats – Vogue, Gotham, Princess Buttercup, & Cosette. All of her animals are rescues from the streets as she can never say no to an animal in need. Her husband and her have rescued and found forever homes for over 40 animals.

KC enjoys spending time with her friends and husband. They love people watching & playing pranks.

Her favorite food is sushi. And despite major controversy, she believes that pineapple does go on pizza!


My Works

Cupid’s Myth: The Fall of Reinastre

The Monster in Me

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Redlands, Ca




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