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Eiméar Denning is a 19-year-old Irish author who stumbled across her one true passion as a child thanks to her father. That passion was writing. She started out writing poems with him at very young age but soon poetry just wasn’t enough to fulfil her desire to write more diversely. Short stories took over her early teenage years and she ashamedly admits that there are about 20 unfinished pieces of work on her computer and scattered through notebooks. Eiméar unlike many other authors detested reading up until she was about seventeen.

That’s when her creative experience changed entirely. She finally understood that she wasn’t alone in the crazy journey that was becoming an author. She can pinpoint the exact moment her story, The Arms of Love was born, as a Tuesday history class in her second last year of school. From that moment, she was consumed by the story she had created; her characters, their emotions, the setting, the drama but all her work was done in secret and without anyone else ever knowing about it. It was only when ‘The Arms of Love’ was signed by The Polyethnic Publishing Company did her friends and family know what she was truly capable of.

Currently working towards a degree in Media Studies and Spanish in Maynooth University, Ireland She’s still manages to love cats, drink excessive amounts of tea, binge watch television shows and annoy her 6 younger siblings. Her story never made it big on Wattpad but it was ultimately her friends, family and followers on her Instagram account that gave her the hope, belief and encouragement that drove her to pursue her dreams. Thanks to them, her dream of holding her own book, The Arms of Love, one day is now a reality.

(P.S. If you’re wondering how to pronounce Eiméar its sounds like lemur but with an ‘E’ at the start instead of an ‘L’ i.e. Eemur)

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