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Alyssa Barber


Alyssa Barber is from a small town and used reading and writing as an escape from various things. She wrote her first story in first grade about a hamster it ended at about 72 pages, but was able to start (and finish!) writing her first “real” book in sixth grade. She has a couple of poems published by the America Library of Poetry association.

She also loves reading, but she didn’t really get into reading in the fifth grade when she started reading Pretty Little Liars. Some of her favorite authors are Sara E. Santana (The Awakened Duology), Michael Lackey (The Battle for the Heaven’s and The Keys of Lazarus series), and Cassandra Clare (The Mortal Instruments).

Alyssa never gone to a traditional school, loves traveling and plays the cello!

She loves painting, but isn’t very good despite her wishes.


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