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Behind the Story

A High School Business Project

ORIGINALLY STARTED AS  a high school business project in the spring of 2014, teen author, Melissa M. Futrell, created a business plan about starting up a book publishing company aiming young teenage writers. Her then business teacher thought it was a great idea and constantly showed it to the class. Having the motivation from someone who inspired her to become an International Business major in college two years later, the sixteen year old began researching more about the industry that she grew to love ever since she was a little girl. At eighteen years old and entering her second semester in college, she founded a book review site and became a promoter for independent authors. She hosted giveaways on her Instagram account creating an “Author Hop Book Tour” in which she invited other bookstagrammers from around the world to request free digital books given by the authors in exchange for an honest review.

From Paper to Real Life

With over 35,000 followers on that very Instagram account, and having to promote authors like Mike Lackey, Michael Weekly, and India’s #1 Bestselling Author, Karan Bajaj, to introduce his book into the United States, Futrell decided it was time to add something that she loved. She added a new division to the THE POLYETHNIC and that is to publish novels around the world, written by teens and adults.

The Mission

At THE POLYETHNIC, our goal is to search for one of a kind novels written by authors all over the world and to publish books that makes us laugh like there is no tomorrow, smile when they meet their first love, and cry as we lose our favorite character to the most hateful villain in the story. The Polyethnic has a purpose in this world. We want to inspire young writers that you are never too young to become a published author, and by just following your dreams, you can create something amazing that can help change the world.


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