Gloomy Ruins Everything Book Tour

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To start off the new day, we are hosting our first ever author book tour hosted by Futrella Book Tours for Gloomy Ruins Everything! This is our first novel that will be published under our Middle Grade Thriller book imprint, Foreshadow Books.

Title: Gloomy Ruins Everything
Published by: Foreshadow, an imprint of The Polyethnic Publishing
Release Date: July 10th, 2017
Contributors: Billy Greer
Genre: , , , ,
Pages: 400
"Chloe will not be playing with you, ever. You are banned from playtime."

Gloomy the ragdoll thought that things were finally starting to go his way when a kindhearted little girl rescued him off the street. Unfortunately, though, her other toys are less than thrilled by this development. Repulsed by Gloomy's ugly, stitched-up appearance and neurotic behavior, they deem him unworthy of their owner's love and banish the poor ragdoll to a junk closet. ​

However, Gloomy refuses to accept their decision. With help from some fellow outcasts, he tries to win everyone's affection by performing a good deed. Unfortunately, his well-intentioned plans have lethal consequences. As the ragdoll scrambles to avoid suspicion, the world's cutest murder-mystery kicks into high gear, leading to a mad spiral of vengeance, blackmail, uprisings and strange romance. If the other toys find out what actually happened, it could cost the ragdoll more than his playtime; it could cost him his life! ​

Pushing the concept of living toys to unusual extremes, Gloomy Ruins Everything is a dark (mis)adventure with a twisted sense of humor.
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Interested in scoring yourself an ARC copy? Limited print copies are available while digital ARC’s are only up to fifty. Leave a comment down below! And be sure to follow the author, Billy Greer!

  1. Angela Z. 3 months ago

    I’m interested in participating in the tour. Though I mainly review young adult books in my blog, this one seems too interesting, to lose this amazing chance!

  2. Angela Z. 3 months ago

    I’m interested in participating in the tour.
    Though I mainly review Young Adult books in my blog, this one seems too interesting to lose this amazing chance!

  3. Profile photo of Alyse Palsulich
    Alyse Palsulich 3 months ago

    This sounds very exciting, I can’t wait to read this novel! And I’m definitely interested in taking part in the tour 🙂

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