Gloomy Ruins Everything

Title: Gloomy Ruins Everything
Published by: Foreshadow, an imprint of The Polyethnic Publishing
Release Date: July 10th, 2017
Contributors: Billy Greer
Genre: , , , , ,
Pages: 400
"Chloe will not be playing with you, ever. You are banned from playtime."

Gloomy the ragdoll thought that things were finally starting to go his way when a kindhearted little girl rescued him off the street. Unfortunately, though, her other toys are less than thrilled by this development. Repulsed by Gloomy's ugly, stitched-up appearance and neurotic behavior, they deem him unworthy of their owner's love and banish the poor ragdoll to a junk closet. ​

However, Gloomy refuses to accept their decision. With help from some fellow outcasts, he tries to win everyone's affection by performing a good deed. Unfortunately, his well-intentioned plans have lethal consequences. As the ragdoll scrambles to avoid suspicion, the world's cutest murder-mystery kicks into high gear, leading to a mad spiral of vengeance, blackmail, uprisings and strange romance. If the other toys find out what actually happened, it could cost the ragdoll more than his playtime; it could cost him his life! ​

Pushing the concept of living toys to unusual extremes, Gloomy Ruins Everything is a dark (mis)adventure with a twisted sense of humor.
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